Trinity Church

Trinity Church is an Episcopal Church near the intersection of Wall Street and Broadway in New York City.  Built in 1698 the building is a modest rectangular structure with a gambrel roof and small porch.  The original church as destroyed in the Great New York City Fie of 1776, which started in the Fighting Cocks Tavern, destroying nearly 500 buildings and houses.  The second church was torn down after severe snow during the winter of 1838-39.  The third and current church was buit in Gothic Revival in 1846.  The Trinity Churchyard, at Wall Street and Broadway, in which Alexander Hamilton, William Bradford, Franklin Wharton, Robert Fulton, Captain James Lawrence and Albert Gallatin are buried.  The tower of Trinity Church currently contains 23 bells the heaviest of which weighs 27 cwt.  Eight of these bells were cast for the tower of the second church building and were hung for ringing in the English change ringing style. Three more bells were added later.  Trinity Church has three sets of impressive bronze doors conceived by Richard Morris Hunt. These date from 1893 and were produced by Karl Bitter (east door), J. Massey Rhind (south door) and Charles Henry Niehaus (north door).





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