Hidden Mickeys

Early Walt Disney Studio artists were famous for hiding secrets, caricatures and characters in the cartoons and animated features they created. When several of those animators became the first Disneyland Imagineers, the practice continued at the parks. Walt Disney Imagineers originally created Hidden Mickeys as inside jokes, then began hiding Mickeys in and around the […]

Disney Dapper Day

Dapper Day has become a twice-yearly event at Disney parks, best described as going through one of Bert’s chalk drawings in Mary Poppins.  You don’t have to dress up to attend, but it sure is fun to see!

Disneyland Plaques & Statues

Disney theme parks are filled with so much more than rides, lines characters, and food.  There are hidden messages and gems throughout the park worth noticing.

Christmas at Disneyland


Disneyland decks its halls for the holiday season from main street town square, the nightmare before Christmas at the haunted mansion, its a small world, to the Christmas fantasy parade complete with an appearance of Santa Clause at the end.